All units include use of:

FREE Rec Room

Why not take a break from studying and come shoot pool in our Recreation Room?

There’s plenty of room to hang out with friends!

Harrison Apartments - Free Rec Room

Equipped with two flat screen TV’s, you won’t miss the big game or your favorite show.

FREE 24-hour Computer Lab with Internet, Printing & Paper

The computer lab features four desktop computers, all with high speed internet connections, a document scanner, and a shared, networked laser printer.

computer lab

The computer lab is a great study area for residents, with plenty of room for lab group meetings, study sessions, and to cram for that 8:00 a.m. exam.

Whether you don’t have your own computer, or don’t want to bring it downstairs, the computer lab is a great place for you to study and remain connected with friends, family, and school.

On-site 24-hour Card Swipe Laundry Facility

For the convenience of our residents, we include an on-site laundry facility so if you need to do a load of laundry at 3:00 am, you can.

And no need for change as our card swipe system makes it easy to pay.

Harrison Apartments - On-site 24-hour Card Swipe Laundry Facility

The laundry facility consists of 10 washers ($1.75 per load) and 10 dryers ($1.25 per load) and there is vending machine containing laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

FREE 24-hour Fitness Center

A fun and convenient way to stay healthy throughout the year, our fitness facility features the following equipment:

  • Rogue Fitness Free Weights and Power Rack
  • Two Elliptical Machines
  • One Exercise Bicycle
  • Two Treadmills
  • Dumbbells, Yoga Mats & Exercise Balls

Aside from the equipment, there is also plenty of open space for stretching and cool down.

If you want more workout options, and you’re a current student at The Ohio State University, Jesse Owens North, a more extensive OSU workout facility, is conveniently located across the street, while the North Campus Recreation Center is a block up the street as well.

Only one bill per month makes budgeting a breeze

Call us today at (614) 294-5551 for rates and to reserve next year’s apartment!