What is the apartment rental process at Harrison Apartments?

A: Click here to read our Leasing Guide, which reviews the rental process in full detail.

What is the rent payment policy?

A: On move-in day, Ohio residents will pay their first and last installment’s rent. Out-of-state residents or residents with out-of-state cosigners will pay first and last two installment’s rent.

Every month thereafter, rent will be due on the first of the month. Rent may be paid by debit card (or multiple debit cards given at once), one check (per apartment), one money order (per apartment), or one cashier’s check (per apartment). ABSOLUTELY no cash or credit cards can be accepted for rent payments. Rent cannot be paid by phone.

NOTE: Students without a cosigner will be required to pre-pay the final six rent installments before spring semester ends and sign a No Cosigner Addendum. (Do not forget that debit cards often have a per day limit, so please plan ahead for this.)

My move-in date is mid-month. Do you prorate the first month’s rent?

A: Your rent is already prorated. We take the total amount of rent due for the year, prorate out the number of days you won’t be in the apartment, and then divide it into twelve equal installments. This method makes it easier for you to keep track of how much you owe each month.

Moving In

How do I know which apartment I will get in the building?

A: When you put a security deposit down, a leasing representative will have you fill out a list of location preferences and other information about the apartment you desire. We place people into apartments using the preferences you provided according to how early you rented your apartment. For example, if two groups want to be on the fourth floor and there is only one apartment available there, the group who rented first will get the fourth floor. The other group will get the closest location to what they want. We try to accommodate everyone’s requests as best as possible, but we are not always able to honor all of your requests. Remember, the earlier you rent, the better chance you will have of getting your preferences. We notify each tenant of their apartment assignment by early summer.

How do we pay for internet or a cable upgrade?

A: Harrison Apartments does not assume responsibility for the internet or for any cable upgrades inside our apartments. Each apartment will be equipped with standard cable, but residents may put the internet and any cable upgrade in their own names by contacting Time Warner Cable (614-481-5050 or online at All other utilities will be provided as part of the lease.

Security Deposit, Parking, etc.

What about pets?

A: We absolutely do not allow pets in our apartments. This includes cats, dogs, ferrets, etc. (Fish are acceptable.) NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

How many parking spaces do we get?

A: Because parking is extremely crowded all over the campus area, parking spaces are limited and vary per building. NOTE: A valid parking pass is always required to park in our lot.

Cost of Semester passes are as follows:

$180 – Autumn Semester
$180 – Spring Semester
$140 – Summer Semester

  • Studio and One Bedroom Apartments can purchase 1 pass
  • Two Bedroom Apartments can purchase 1 pass
  • Three Bedroom Apartments can purchase 2 passes
  • Four, Five or Six Bedroom Apartments can purchase 3 passes

NOTE: If you do not get to purchase a pass and you have a vehicle, you may put your name on our waiting list and if all allotted passes are not purchased, you may have the opportunity to purchase one.

What about security deposit returns?

A: When you move in, we will give you a move-in checklist. It is very important to note anything you find wrong with your apartment at this time. We videotape all of our apartments upon move out so there are no discrepancies about security deposit returns. We also send out move-out packets that give you details on exactly what we expect of your apartment when you move out. If you follow these instructions, you should have no problems receiving a fair refund.

Can I sublease my apartment?

A: Subletting is permitted in the summer months only (May, June and July) provided your roommates agree to the sub-letter you choose. We suggest you get a security deposit (at least $100), because as the signer of the lease, you will ultimately be responsible for any damage that might occur to the unit. Sub-letters must also fill out an application through our office.

Smoking Policy

Harrison Apartments is a non-smoking building. Smoking will not be permitted inside the building.

Leasing guide

Didn’t find answers to your questions? If you have leasing questions, don’t forget to check out the Leasing Guide. If you’re still stumped, feel free to Contact Us.

Important Phone Numbers

Harrison Apartments (614) 294-5551
AT&T 1-800-246-8464
Time Warner (614) 481-5050
OSU Information (614) 292-6446
OSU Police (614) 292-2121
Columbus Police (614) 645-4545
Columbus Fire Department (614) 221-2345
C & M Towing (614) 291-2101