A Guide to the Leasing Process at Harrison Apartments:

How do I reserve an apartment at Harrison?

Apartments are reserved on a first-come, first served basis. In order to reserve an apartment, you must put down a holding fee equivalent to one month’s rent. This will become your security deposit upon move-in. You will then have 24 hours to sign a Master lease and two weeks to complete all remaining paperwork, otherwise Harrison reserves the option to re-rent your apartment and you will forfeit your holding fee. Once you place a holding fee on an apartment, by phone or in person, the holding fee becomes non-refundable if you choose not to go through with the lease. Therefore, we ask everyone to be 100% certain before placing a holding fee on an apartment.

What is the security deposit and how much is it?

The security deposit is a monetary amount that is held with the apartment until after the end of your lease to ensure that you fulfill your lease obligations. The security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent. This deposit is NOT USED TOWARD RENT. It is refundable within 30 days of the end of your lease minus any damages or unpaid rent.

Is a cosigner required?

A cosigner is required for all residents of Harrison Apartments. The purpose of a cosigner is to guarantee your payment and adherence to the contract you sign with Harrison. Your cosigner will need to sign your lease and HAVE THEIR SIGNATURE WITNESSED BY A NOTARY PUBLIC unless they sign in front of a member of our leasing staff.

Cosigners MUST live in the United States and provide us their social security number and photo ID for the purpose of credit check.

Students who are not able to get a cosigner may still apply to Harrison Apartments. Any applicant without a cosigner will be accepted at our discretion.  The applicant must pay the last three (3) installments of their lease in advance before spring semester of the current year ends.  Applicant must also provide copy of their I-20 if applicable.

What is the difference between individual and joint liability?

If you pick an individual lease, you are basically renting out either a studio or 1 bedroom apartment or a single bedroom in a larger apartment. You will share the living areas like the kitchen, bathroom and living room with either roommates that you pick yourself or roommates that we match up for you. You are only responsible for your rental amount, not that of your roommates. If they default on their payments, you are not held liable in any way. Individual liability leases can be slightly more expensive than when dividing joint liability contracts evenly. Harrison also reserves the right to place someone of our discretion into an empty room in the situation of a lease default on an individual lease without the consent of the other roommates.

Joint liability leases bind you to your roommates for the full amount of the monthly rent. Among you and your roommates you may split the rent as you see fit. Each roommate still must have his or her own cosigner. Cosigners are only liable for a fraction of the total rent. If one roommate were to default, we would attempt to collect rent from their cosigner. However, if they were unable to pay, the remaining roommates would be liable for the entire rental amount. Joint liability leases are less expensive than individual liability contracts.

Can roommates choose to live together with different lease terms?

No. If you choose to live with roommates in an individual liability lease you must all choose the same type of lease.

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